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Value-Added Services

Shaw Stainless & Alloy offers various value-added services to enhance the quality products that we have to offer. Most of our stainless steel long products can be polished in-house, including pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, round bar, square bar, angle, etc. We also offer passivation and electropolishing to meet your individual needs. Custom threading and roll grooving are also common value-added services applied to schedule 40 pipe and heavier. Our cutting capabilities include precision saw cutting, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting. Browse through the specific service pages to view more detailed information and images of each category.

Custom Machining
Electropolishing & Passivation
Laser Cutting
Metal Forming
Pipe Threading
Precision Saw Cutting
Roll Grooving
Stainless Steel Polishing
Waterjet Cutting

Contact us for more info on services such as:
We support the highest standard of customer service with just-in-time delivery and same-day delivery in most of Georgia. It is our goal to provide a quality product when you need it.
Our experienced machinists, welders and technicians, modern facilities and fabrication technology enable us to provide you with the following custom fabrication services and beyond.

Machining services:
Equipped with CNC lathes and mills, our production team can provide you with a single, customized piece, or a full production run. We will gladly and accurately machine all types of materials to your specification.
Cutting Services:
Whatever shape, size or density of your material, we will custom-cut to any length you require.
Custom Bending:
We provide custom bending services for Industrial and Sanitary Applications. Call or e-mail with degree of bend and centerline radius.
Equipped with CNC lathes and mills, our production team can provide you with a single, customized piece, or a full production run. We will gladly and accurately machine all types of materials to your specification.
We offer precision welding of various materials with guaranteed strength and durability.
Whether it’s a whole or piece of pipe, a fitting or an end, we can custom thread to your specifications.
Custom Fabrications:
We pride ourselves in meeting your custom fabrication needs. Please let us know what we can do for you.
Inspection and Documentation
Mission Statement:

Shaw Stainless & Alloy practices continuous improvements across all our divisions to insure that we supply our customers with the highest level of quality stainless steel products and fabrications in the industry.

Here at Shaw Stainless we take seriously that our customers products conform to your individual requirements. This includes the following:

  1. All incoming material is inspected according to the Purchase Order and Material Certifications are checked and filed.
  2. Any internal work order contains individual process steps, material specifications, customer approved drawings, in process Quality Control documents, including those for dimensional, surface finish, welding, laser cutting, etc.
  3. Final inspection is done upon completion and documented per customer order.
    • A. Dimensional inspection
    • B. Surface finish profilometer readouts (when required)
    • C. Welds including welder and filler material certifications
    • D. Electropolishing or Passivation Certification
    • E. Material Certificates
    • F. Photos of the inspected product

Our final inspections and any of the documents included during production are recorded into our ERP System. Final inspection takes place in our climate-controlled inspection room utilizing, as required, the following inspection tools:

  1. Surface Finish Profilometer with downloadable recording capabilities
  2. Borescope with downloadable recording capabilities
  3. 24” SST Height Gage
  4. Digital Calipers: 6”, 12”, and 24”
  5. Digital Micrometers: 1” to 6”
  6. Digital Thickness Gage
  7. Calibrated 81-piece Gage Block Set: .05” to 4”
  8. Calibrated 990-piece Plug/Pin Gage Set: .0011 to 1.00”
  9. Matched V-Block 4-piece set
  10. Surface Plate: 36” x 36” x 6” Granite Inspection Plate

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