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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Shaw Stainless Fabrication Division is a premier stainless steel fabricator specializing in bollards including stainless steel bollards, DAF tanks, stainless steel pipe fabrication, and other custom stainless steel fabrication. From large diameter stainless steel pipe, pipe spools, to complete stainless steel pipe systems, we will customize a solution for your application. We are your stainless steel fabrication experts.

Shaw Stainless is equipped to create the custom stainless steel fabrication pieces you need conforming to whatever your specifications may be. Our facilities house state-of-the-art equipment from welders, lathes, saws, and presses, to square and round polishers, press brakes and mills. Our team of experts are ready to fill your order from a single custom piece to a full line of stainless steel fabrication.

Fabricated Products
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Pipe Fabrication
Railings, Platforms and Stairs
Custom Fabrication
Fabrication Services
Custom Machining
Electropolishing & Passivation
Laser Cutting
Metal Forming
Pipe Threading
Precision Saw Cutting
Roll Grooving
Stainless Steel Polishing
Waterjet Cutting
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Fabrication Operations
Shaw Stainless' in-house fabrication operation is fully equipped to provide bollards and architectural products in a wide variety of austenitic stainless steel materials. We pride ourselves on the close integration between our engineering and fabrication staffs to minimize errors and to provide immediate problem resolution should any fabrication issue arise. Shaw Stainless specializes in the design and fabrication of stainless steel products for governmental, industrial and commercial interests.
Fabrication Capabilities
Shaw Stainless’ custom fabrication operations range in size from small one-off applications in scale to large industrial, commercial or governmental projects. Our metal fabrication operations have the equipment and capability to cut, shear, bend, roll, and fabricate large sheets of metals. We also have computer numerical controlled (CNC), laser cutter to accurately cut complex components. Our precision CNC Plate Rolls or Press Brake are utilized in the forming process of bollards to each customer’s unique design requirement and tolerances.

Precision Welding
Our welders are highly experienced in gas-tungsten arc welding (GTAW, formerly known as TIG or Heli-Arc) since we primarily fabricate products from stainless steel and alloys. All welding performed by Shaw Stainless is performed in accordance with American Welding Society (AWS) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) welding requirements.

Shaw Stainless’ fabricators can provide a wide range of surface finishes on bollards or architectural products. We specifically fabricate to meet the customer’s desired finishes or needs and incorporated into your design requirements. We can provide a number of standard surface finishes and weld finishes; from glass bead, brush finish or electro polished finishes to meet your specific requirements. Our Engineering Department can assist in your surface finish recommendations for your specific application.

Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance program tracks fabrication materials, components, and fasteners. From design specifications, purchasing only from qualified vendors, and ultimately through fabrication to ensure that the correct materials are used. All welds performed at Shaw Stainless are visually inspected by our highly trained inspectors after welding. All of our welding procedures, welder qualifications, and weld inspector qualification welds are maintained by Shaw Stainless.

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