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Security Bollards

What are security bollards?
Security bollards are typically vertical posts that are either surface mounted as a visual deterrent or embedded within the foundation to create a barrier defense system or perimeter defense to control and prevent road vehicle traffic from entering a protection desired area.
What are the different types of security bollards?
We engineer, design and manufacture many different types of security bollards to meet our clients' specific needs. Some of the types of security bollards we manufacture include:
Non-Crash Rated Embedded Fixed and Removable Security Bollards
Non-Crash Rated Surface Mount Bollards
Crash-Rated Removable Security Bollards
ASTM M30 / DoS K4 Crash Rated Security Bollards
ASTM M40 / DoS K8 Crash Rated Security Bollards
ASTM M50 / DoS K12 Crash Rated Security Bollards
Stainless Steel Security Bollards
Carbon Steel Security Bollards
Powder Coated Security Bollards
LED / Illuminated Security Bollards
Flat / Domed / Slope Top Security Bollards
Pedestrian Signal Security Bollards
Grooved Reveal Security Bollards
Custom Security Bollards
We also offer a wide variety of decorative architectural bollard covers or sleeves fabricated from materials such as 316 and 304 stainless steel, aluminum and bronze as well as our clients custom design if desired.
Why is it important to select the right security bollards manufacturer?
There are many brands of security bollards available for purchase throughout the USA. Now, in today’s world, security is a priority for many property and building owners who need to protect the people who work at the companies at these locations. Choosing the right security bollard manufacturer can be the difference of quality made or sub-standard security bollards that don't meet the desired criteria and cannot hold up to the environment. There are companies who resell inferior security bollard products, manufactured with subpar, raw materials that are incorrectly engineered resulting in failed performance. Another common error is when security bollards are installed improperly resulting in under performance or failed performance.

Shaw Stainless & Alloy is a premiere security bollards manufacturer with a proven track record of quality security bollards manufacturing and performance. Our security bollards and bollard covers can be found at many recognizable locations such as the One World Trade Center, Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park, Atlanta Falcon’s training facility, and many other locations. Barrier Defense Systems bollards and bollard covers are Made in the USA at our fabrication division in Georgia.
Why is it important to select the right security bollards for your needs?
There are many types of security bollards engineered and manufactured for specific performance. Our Barrier Defense Systems bollards can be designed and customized to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for quality embedded stainless steel bollards, illuminated bollards, removable bollards, sloped bollards or bollard skins and covers, our engineers and fabricators will accommodate your needs with quality, made in AMERICA standard or customized security bollards to your specifications.
Who uses security bollards?
Military Bases
Government / Municipalities
Critical Infrastructure
US and Foreign Embassy’s
Music Venues
Convention Centers
Racing Facilities
Store Fronts
Historical Landmarks
Retail Facilities
Corporate Buildings
High Pedestrian Traffic Areas
Anywhere Traffic Security is Needed

Complete our Bollard Inquiry Form by clicking on the button below to find out how we can accommodate your bollard needs! To speak to a Barrier Defense Systems Bollard Representative call 1-800-874-9917 during our business hours.

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